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Who are we?

Vida Guatemala was created as a non-profit organization by a team of Guatemalans passionate about helping and supporting our community.  We are dedicated to Inclusive Education in our community. We give our heart and soulsto every class we teach, every plate of food we serve and every action we take. The most important thing to us is that every child we work with feels happy and at home at "Síndrome de Amor"

Vida Guatemala’s Objectives.


Our work is based on the values of respect and equity.


We seek to create opportunities for children who would normally be excluded from education.

We strive to provide quality and inclusive education that goes beyond the classroom; we also provide vocational and environmental education.

Why We Do It

In 2012, we met 8 mothers of children with Special Educational Needs: Angela, Jenny, Benancia, Isabel, Elisa, Brenda, Mirla and Rosa. For over 9 years, they searched for an educational opportunity for their children. They tried to raise money to pay for a teacher, but the class was unsustainable.

No local authority or community leader was prepared to help.

In 2012, Vida endorsed the mission of granting these children education. Since then, in addition to  education we provide Vocational skills and learning economics by producing and selling plants.

How We Do It

There are 3 ways our program is made possible:

1. International and national donors (60% of our income).

2.Fundraising events (20% of our income).

3.Self-sustainable programs (20% of our income).


We are proud to have projects, such as the production of vegetables, plants and farm animals, that go towards funding Sindrome de Amor.